Welcome to the Tardis Dress

The Doctor is coming…Time to get your Tardis on!

All of your Tardis themed fashion needs in one location!

Tardis Dresses for Sale These are the officially licensed Doctor Who Tardis dresses (Hot Topic, ThinkGeek) along with some wonderful custom designs from artists on Etsy.

How to make a Tardis Dress This is so fun!! Learn to make cosplay Tardis dresses as well as how to make some beautiful Tardis dresses for everyday wear!Hop Topic Tardis Costume Dress

Browse our Tardis Fashions page to see a great selection of Tardis leggings, tank tops, T shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and shoes.

Our Tardis Jewelry page has amazing Tardis earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches.

Don’t forget to dress up your room with some Tardis style as well.  Check out some Tradis Decor for great ideas on wall decals, cut-outs, lights, blankets and posters.

If there is a Tardis themed item that you just can’t find let us know and we will track it down for you!


And whatever else you do, please do not undo the Time Lock!

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