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Tardis Dresses for Sale Here are a dozen different Tardis dresses for sale for you to Tardis Dress from Hot Topicchoose from.  Some of these dresses are officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise while others are wonderful custom designs from artists on Etsy.  The style of these dresses span from everyday casual to 50s retro to edgy punk.  It is really amazing to see all of the creative Tardis interpretations.

How to make a Tardis Dress If you are a handy type of gal who wants to take a stab at making a Tardis dress then I hope this guide will be helpful.  There are four or five different dress ideas as well as a few helpful videos thrown in.  Learn to make cosplay Tardis dresses as well as how to make some beautiful Tardis dresses for everyday wear!

Tardis Fashions and Accessories  If you need a little something extra to complete your Tardis outfit or if you want to be a little more subtle in your Tardis styling then we have what you need.   We have a great selection of Tardis earrings, necklaces, shirts, shoes, leggings, etc.

Whovian Fashions and Fun  There are so many wonderful aspects of Doctor Who that I just couldn’t stop with the Tardis.  This is my collection of resources for those crazy Dalek fashions, fun Doctor Who gifts, beautiful cast member photographs and anything else that looks fun!  I will try to keep this organized but it will probably end up all wibley wobbley.

Doctor Who Costumes : If everyone dressed up as the Tardis it would just look silly!  Check out our page for Doctor Who Costumes to find the perfect outfit for your companion!

Dalek Costumes: It’s okay to look!  We won’t tell anyone :)

Enjoy your visit, allons-y!